Amur Corktree, Phellodendron amurense

tree of the family Rutaceae
(Sour Orange, Lemon tree, Eucommia, Korean Evodia, Orange tree, Amur Corktree, Ptelea, Zanthoxylum).

Etymology: "Phellodendron" is constructed from Greek phellos, "cork", and dendron, "tree", because it produces the cork. Precision "Amur" (in french : "amour" or love) is relating to the region of the river Amur, in the North of China, from where it notably comes.
Origin: Japan, Korea, North of China. Introduced into Europe in 1856 for its cork.
Height: 15 m tall.
Grey bark, corky and thick (little exploitable).
Deciduous leaves, opposite on stems, imparipinnate, leaflets ended with sharp tip. By crumpling them, a sweet-scented essence is sniffed.
Species dioecious. Its flowers open in June : greenish, small, melliferous, grouped in corymbs 8 cm high. They produce black fruits in clusters.


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