tree of the family Moraceae (Breadfruit, Fig tree, Jackfruit, Blackberry, Orange tree of Osages, Pippal)

Origin: Malaysia, South Pacific. Considering its utilitarian spread, its precise origin is badly known. The captain William Bligh was persuaded that the breadfruit, so appreciated in Tahiti, would be of a good culinary contribution for the slaves in America. In 1797, he decides to import 1000 young plants, on board of Bounty. The crew complains that the basics of the available water on board of the boat are intended for the breadfruit young plants. It contributes to the mutiny of Bounty. The Captain, left on a craft survives and can renew the transport of breadfruit young plants, in 1792.
Maximum size: 12 m tall.
long from 30 to 60 cm, very serrated in deep lobes, disposed in spiral. The leaf (as the trunk) exudes a milky liquid if it is cracked.
unisexual, grouped in fleshy inflorescences. The pollination is made by the wind.
Fruit: it is in fact an agglomeration of several fruits. It is round - oval, and 10 - 30 cm long. The skin, covered with thorns, is yellow-green at maturity. The fruit contains few pips. Flesh (edible) is the flower that has not borne fruit.
Uses: its fruit, cooked, is a bit sweetened. Dry, one makes biscuits. Of its bark, were drawn strips to weave clothing. Its wood, light and soft, is used to make furniture and canoes. The sap is effective in waterproofing.


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