tree of the family Meliaceae
(Cedrela, Chinaberry).

Etymology: from "cedar", because of similarity of the timber and the smell.
Origin: Tropical America, southeast Asia, introduced to Europe in the XIXth century. This tree was twice described, under two different names (Cedrela by Jussieu and Toona by Roem.).
Shape: rounded crown. Branches spaced out.
Bark grey, shedding strap-like vertical.
Big leaves (40 cm), compound, odd paripinnate (even number of leaflets). By far (when perched high out of range),, the leaf of Cedrela resembles those of Black Walnut (imparipinnate), of Wingnut or of Tree of Heaven (both imparipinnate, in general). The specific bark of the Cedrela avoids confusion. Crushed, they have a smell of onion (a bit as the leaf of tree of heaven)
Fruit : woody, brown capsule, of 2 cm, which liberates winged seeds.
Use: cabinetmaking.
Where to find Cedrela in Paris: notably boulevard Saint-Germain, near boulevard Saint-Michel.


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