tree of the family Taxodiaceae (Athrotaxis, Cryptomeria, Cunninghamia, Baldcypress, Glyptostrobus, Dawn Redwood, Sequoia, Taïwania)

Etymology: from the name of the discoverer, James Cunningham, first "hunter" of plants in China by 1700 (He brings back the Cryptomeria and "China Fir").
Origin: China.
Habitat: humid climate.
Height: 25 m tall.
Brown bark ruddy, fibrous, harder than that of the sequoia.
Shape: pyramidal to columnar (Elderly), suckering from the base.
Persistent foliage: flat, long needles (3-5 cm), large (0,4 cm), light green, arranged from above, towards the soil and lateral to the branch.
Ovoid-conical fruit, 3-4 cm.
Uses: ornamental tree in Europe.


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