White Fir, Abies concolor

Conifer with persistent foliage, family Pinaceae (Cedar, Norway Spruce,
Larch, Pine, Silver Fir, Hemlock), genus Abies.

Origin: North America.
Habitat: it resists bad weather and drought and fits well in the polluted atmosphere of the urban zones.
Height: 30 m tall.
Shape: of a pyramid, with big horizontal branches. The branches are dense and regular.
Right trunk.
Bark: grey, corky and grooved.
Persistent foliage. Right needles and arranged erratically. They are ash blue on both faces. The lower face includes a salient vein.
Flowers in catkins.
Fruits: long cones from 10 to 15 cm and 5 cm broad: they are first purple and then ruddy reddish-brown.
Use: ornamental for its nice foliage. It is also exploited for wood production.



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