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Advices of maintenance...

  • conifers:
    Their creeping roots suck the earth. In spring, bring back the earth (for example by recycling leaves and grass in compost), otherwise pluvial erosion would aggravate gully erosion and exposes the roots to emerge from the earth. Limit fertilizer high in nitrogen after mid-July to allow these plants to harden and better prepare for the winter. To prevent dry winter especially in areas subject to snow, it is advisable to water thoroughly ground in autumn, especially if the rains are scarce. Dryness tans needles.

  • shrubs
    Deposit a mulch of barks on the soil at the foot of your shrubs in hedge. It prevents the development of the bad grasses, reduces pluvial erosion, and keeps humidity in the soil, preventing drought of your shrubs. Besides, this cover minimises thermal distances and protects the young plants of thermal shocks. Thus, your plants remain cool during the summer and are protected from freezing in winter.
    The organic mulches also brings in the soil the mineral elements which improve his biological and chemical balance of the soil. The mulch used in France is based on pine. Beware however, the pine bark acidifies the soil: it is suitable for young plants " acidophiles ", as rhododendron. The cedar mulch, rarer, has property to move away the undesirable insects. In defect, you can use died leaves as winter protection at the foot of shrubs against cold and wind, besides bringing nutritious elements in the soil and organic matter.
    To avoid transmitting serious infections in plants, it is important not to use as winter protection the leaves of fruit trees and fruit shrubs and of rosebushes, because these plants are often suffering from diseases spread by the foliage.

Some particular advice:

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