Redoul, Coriaria myrtifolia

shrub of the family Coriariaceae

Etymology: "myrtifolia" reminds that the leaf of Coriaria resembles that of myrtle. The name (Redoul) and the Catalan name (Roldor) come from Latin Rhus Tyrius (sumac Syrian or Tyrian), referring to the use of leaves in the sector of the traditional tannery.
the redoul is native to the Mediterranean basin. Other species of the genus Coriaria are present in the hot, subtropic regions at tropical.
Shape: in bowl, stems are flexible and bend down.
Height: 2 m tall.
Small leaves from 3 to 5 cm long, coriaceous, without petiole, ovate, acuminate, with three marked veins. Opposite arrangement. Smooth margin.
Flowers: small, greenish in 5 ruddy spindly styles, appearing in April, grouped in upright clusters.
Small fruits, with 5 carpels, grouped in clusters, in May-June.

Danger: the totality of the plant and especially berries are very toxic and even lethal, because they contain a convulsifiant, the coriamyrtine (action comparable to that some strychnine). The animals, sheep and cattle, are the main victims. The milk becomes toxic.


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