Particular foliages

Some species and varieties have a particular color of foliage, which is more a criterion for choosing an original tree, than an index of recognition (for uncommon trees).

Deciduous trees
Silk Tree, Silk Tree julibrissin
Alder laciniate, Alnus glutinosa laciniata
Birches, Betula
Common Hornbeam, Carpinus betulus "incised"
Plated maple laciniate, Acer saccharinum laciniatum
Fullmoon Maple, Acer palmatum
Negundo maple, Acer negundo
Locust tree, Gleditsia triacanthos
Beech, Fagus sylvatica " asplenifolia"
Blackberry white laciniate, Morus alba " lacinata"
Russian Olive, Eleagnus angustifolia glauca
Olive tree, Olea europea glauca
Pear tree with leaves of willow, Pyrus nivalis salicifolia
Quercus pedunculata " asplenifolia"

Locust tree, Robinia pseudoacacia
Willows, Salix
Japanese Pagodatree japonica

Sumac, Rhus typhina

Conifers (flexible and fine needles)
Baldcypress, Taxodium distichum
Norway Spruce of the Himalayas, Picea smithiana (to the right)
Oriental Spruce, Picea orientalis
Larch, Larix
Pine of the Himalayas, Pinus excelsa
Whining pine of the Himalayas, Pinus wallichiana
Eastern White Pine, Pinus strobus
Western hemlock, Hemlock heterophylla

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