Hackberries of America and of Asia

tree of the family Ulmaceae (European Hackberry, Elm, Zelkova).

Hackberry, Celtis occidentalis

Habitat: The Hackberry grows in all kinds of soils, but it prefers limestones. Rather resistant to drought, It can survive periods of extremely dry weather. It prefers a sunny position.
Height:12 - 25 metres high.
Bark: grey, interspersed with excrescences and with crests corkies as well as of scaly flakes.
It differs from the Hackberry of Provence by its smaller leaves, too toothed, and asymmetrical at the base.

Sugar Hackberry, Celtis laevigata

It attains 25 m, while that of Virginia is twice less high. Its bark, on elderly plants, is covered with wartlike excrescences. Its fruit, ripe, is smaller (0,6 cm) than that of the Hackberry of Provence. It is orange red with purple.

Hackberry of Asia

Celtis bungeana

Celtis chinensis


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