Oak of Hungary

tree of the family Fagaceae.
(Spanish chestnut, Oak, Beech)

Origin : Hungary, Balkans.
Form (insulated tree): in dome.
Height: 35 m.
Bark: light grey to reddish-brown, veined.
Leaves are alternate, big, among the largest in oaks (with the daimyo oak), 25 cm long by 14 cm wide. They have an edge deeply lobed. The top is dark green, glossy, and light green below, soft to the touch.
The flower is similar to that of the sessile oak. Male catkins fell in strings of 5-8 cm at the end of spring.
Its fruit is an acorn, grouped in clusters of 2 to 4, maturing in early fall. The cup surrounds the third of the glans.

Daimyo oak
(Quercus dentata)    >>>

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