Idesia polycarpa

tree of the family Flacourtiaceae (tropical trees: Dovyalis, Flacourtia, Hydnocarpus laurifolia, Kiggelaria)

Origin: China, Japan. It grows until 1800 m in altitude. Introduced into Europe in 1865.
Habitat: Idesia prefers a sunny situation and a humid soil.
Height: 8-10 m tall.
Shape: spread, horizontal branches.
Right trunk.
Bark: brown, smooth in the young tree, becoming covered with lenticels more and more tight with age.
Deciduous foliage. 25 cm long, triangular blade, heart-shaped base, roughly toothed margin, bright dark green on top, light green underside. It resembles the leaf of some Asian poplars. The petiole is long and red.
Green or yellow, small flowers (Ø 1 mm) and grouped in drooping clusters 10-20cm long.
Fruits: scarlet, small orange berries (Ø 2 mm), grouped in drooping clusters 10-20cm long. They appear in autumn and persist in winter.
Use: decorative tree for its fruits only. Blossoming is of poor interest. Planted in street alignment and in parks in China.

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