new request : Sun · Half shadow · Shadow

Request on one tree :

Viburnum bitchiuensesun
Viburnum macrocephallumsun
Viburnum setigerumsun - half shadow
Viburnum x bodnantensesun
Viburnum x burkwoodiisun
Viburnum x carlcephallumsun
Cranberrybush ViburnumViburnum opulussun - half shadow
Korean Fragrant ViburnumViburnum carlesiisun
LaurestineViburnum tinussun - half shadow
Leatherleaf ViburnumViburnum rhytidophyllumsun - half shadow
Sweet ViburnumViburnum odoratissimumsun
Viburnum pragenseViburnum pragensesun - shadow
Wayfaring ViburnumViburnum lantanasun - half shadow

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