Result : 11 trees in Caucasus - Siberia
Colchis BladdernutStaphylea colchicaCaucasus
Nordmann FirAbies nordmannianaCaucasus
White SprucePicea glaucaCaucasus
Willow-leaf PearPyrus salicifoliaCaucasus, Middle East
Caucasian WingnutPterocarya fraxinifoliaCaucasus, China
ZelkovaZelkova carpinifoliaCaucasus, Siberia
Tartarian HoneysuckleLonicera tataricaRussia
Siberian Dwarf PinePinus pumilaSiberia
Red-Barked DogwoodCornus albaSiberia
Crimean LindenTilia x euchloraSiberia
Siberian Dwarf PinePinus pumilaSiberia

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