Néré, Parkia biglobosa

tree of the family of Leguminous plants

Etymology: Néré is its name in bambara. It is also called tree withresembling flour, tree with wild animal, African carob tree (because of the resemblance of its pod to that of the carob tree), crimson mimosa (because of the resemblance of its leaf).
Origin and Habitat: tree of the dry zones of the African continent but present also in Asia and in Latin America.

photo: cécile

African proverb:
I have my néré and I know the seeds of its fruits ( we know well what we experience or who has become familiar).
Height: 25 m tall.
Shape: globose crown.
Right trunk.
Bark: smooth.
Deciduous foliage. Leaf multi-pinnate resembling to that of the mimosa.
Fruits: long pendulous pods in racemes, containing many black seeds coated with yellow pulp. A foot can produce 25 - 100 kg of fruits a year.
Use: barks are sold on the market for osteopathieses, mumps and other diseases, the pulp as laxative. Pods can act as manure, they are also used as poison for the peach or else as rendered to coat the walls of huts. The powder extracted from pods is used, most often, in form of paste bowls with a very strong smell: the soumbala in Mali and in Burkina Faso, nététou in the Senegal, iru or dadawa in Nigeria. This traditional food is a condiment used in Africa in most sauces, for its aromatic and nutritional interest. This nourishing tree could bring an efficient solution in the serious problems of nutrition which knows Africa. Seeds contained in the fruit of Néré are very rich in proteins (the flour of Néré brings the totality of amino acids essential for organism) and iron (in the order of 15,5 mg / 100 g), but also in vitamins C, what allows to limit risks of scurvy. Reputed in Africa for its capacity to resolve the problems of goiter to some populations, Néré also contains some iodine.

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