Flowers and fruits of May (16/19)

Japanese Kerria, flower
Japanese Kerria
Kerria japonica
Mock Orange, flower
Mock Orange
Philadelphus coronarius
Pacific dogwood, flower
Pacific dogwood
Cornus nuttallii
Portuguese Cherry Laurel, flower
Portuguese Cherry Laurel
Prunus lusitanica
Royal Paulownia, Empress Tree, Princess Tree, flower
Royal Paulownia, Empress Tree, Princess Tree
Paulownia tomentosa
Arrowwood Viburnum, flower
Arrowwood Viburnum
Viburnum dentatum
Common ninebark, flower
Common ninebark
Physocarpus opulifolius
Dogwood, flower
Cornus sanguinea
Pincushion Bush, flower
Pincushion Bush
Hakea laurina
Red chestnut, flower
Red chestnut
Aesculus x carnea
Tamarisk, flower
Tamaris gallica
Black chokeberry, flower
Black chokeberry
Aronia melanocarpa, Photinia melanocarpa

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