Carolina Silverbell or Snowdrop Tree, Halesia

shrub and tree of the family Styraceae (Storax, Halesia)

Etymology: named after Stephen Hales (1677-1761), physiologist, chemist and English inventor.
Origin: Southeast of North America (Halesia monticola and H. carolina or H. tetraptera).
Habitat : shade, humid atmosphere (where it is next to Beeches). It tolerates limestones (more frequent on sour substrate), as well as altitude. It prefers the light soils.
Shape: broad conical.
Height: 30 m in its original area, 3 - 10 m (seldom) in Europe. Quick growth.
Bark: reddish-brown - pale, which flakes away.
Deciduous foliage: leaves alternate, spatulate, fine ovate, of 12 cm long. The apex (tip) ends in sharp tip. The leaves of Halesia tetrapetera (carolina) take carmine shades in autumn (to the left)
White, abundant flowers, in May, appearing with leaves. They hang as bells, hence the nickname of the tree.
Fruits in July, of 5 cm long. They have a particular form, lengthened, provided with four sharp longitudinal margins.

Halesia monticola Halesia tetrapetera (carolina)





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