Spanish Broom, Weaver's Broom, Spartium junceum

shrub of the family Fabaceae

Origin: Europe, Mediterranean basin.
Habitat: the Sapnish broom contents itself with a poor soil, sandy, well drained. It accepts a limestone. It appreciates a sunny position.
Hardiness: zone 9 (it supports winters when the temperature does not go down permanently below -7 °C or 19 °F).
Growth: slow.
Height: 2 m tall.
Shape: in bowl or spread. Stems are upright or arched, according to the species.
Deciduous foliage. Leaves are small, lanceolate.
Flowers from May till July. The flower recognises itself with its bright yellow colour and in its symmetrical form, typical of fabaceae (ancient leguminous plants). They are fragrant.
Use: in hedge, insulated, or in massif.
Advices of planting:
Planting in autumn. Propagation by seedling in spring, cutting in June.
Pruning: severely fold the branches of the year after flowering to maintain a compact form. The genus includes more than 150 species
Rampant varieties:
- Cytisus decumbens with yellow flowers. It does not exceed 30 cm tall.
- Cytisus purpureus ' Atropurpurea ' with crimson flowers.
Varieties shrubbies:
- Cytisus battandiero or "broom pineapple" with very characteristic flowers with form of pineapple
- Cytisus ' Hollandia ' with pink flowers.
- Cytisus scoparius or broom with brooms, ' Andreanus ' with yellow flowers, ' Windelsham ' with red flowers.
- Cytisus x praecox 'Alba ' with white flowers.


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