Meadowsweet, Spiraea

shrub of the family Rosaceae

Etymology: spiraea means "winding " in Greek and gave "spiral". Its name is first that of a perennial herb, Queen of meadows, Spiraea ulmaria, which served for filling sheds.
Origin: many species and varieties in the north hemisphere, North America, China, and Europe. Pictures opposite are those of Spiraea x arguta, hybrid of S. thungeri and S. multiflora, this one coming from crossing of S. crenata and S. hypercifolia. It stays in a shrub size, somewhat taller than its parents. Blossoming is white, very abundant, in April.
Habitat: Spiraea supports any soil type and does not have requirement in position.
Hardiness: zone 7 (Spiraea resists cold, until -17 °C or 1° F).
Height: 2 m tall.
Shape: upright or in bowl.
Deciduous foliage. Green, toothed leaves, lanceolate, from 7 to 10 cm long.
Small, white or pink flowers, grouped in corymbs from 5 to 8 cm in diameters, blooming in spring or in summer according to species and varieties.
Use: low hedge, massif, cut flowers, slope.
When to prune ,
Spiraea billardii : February
Spiraea bumalda : February
Spiraea japonica : February
Spiraea : May
Spiraea 'Van Houttei' : July


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