Nutmeg yew,
Torreya californica, Torreya taxifolia

Gymnosperme of the family Taxaceae (English Yew, Torreya)

the species Torreya taxifolia was discovered in 1838 by the botanist Harvey Croom and named in honor of the American botanist John Torrey (1796-1873). Torrey identifies in 1854 another species of the same genus in California, Torreya californica.
Origin: California and China, Japan.
Rate of Growth: slow.
Shape: pyramidal.
Right trunk.
Bark: grey, shedding strap-like.
Persistent leaf: flat needle of 4 cm long, 3 mm broad, very aromatic.
Flower: male and female in general separated on distinct feet (species dioecious)
Fruit: drupe in the form of olive, appearing in September, reaching 4 cm long with maturity backs it up year.


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