1. You are a schoolchild, student, teacher, this site is for you:
  2. The botany pages explain you what is the use of leaves, flowers and bark of a tree. Trees, unlike the animals, are fixed to the soil where they find a part of their feeding : the soil is therefore essential for their development and for their growth. They can attain record dimensions or exceptional longevity.
    Trees are classified in families according to criteria of reproduction and their names in Latin are worldwide accepted.
    Take a tree with its leaf. If it is a simple leaf, help you of this grid. Then go to the identification page to put down your request. 2570 pictures and photos are listed in a database of leaves, flowers, barks, outlines and landscapes of trees to the which are added the photos of buds. You can show the small pictures, then of the biggest by clicking on the thumbs (under IE, pop-ups is often blocked. To show the pictures of big format, in pop-ups, you must press on the key " ALT " at the same time as you click on the small picture).
    The descriptive pages of european trees (menu above) itemise more than 450 european trees. Trees are essential for life on earth, because they regenerate the carbon dioxide and have many other utility.
    Finally, you will find games in rubric Entertainment and thousands of pictures of trees in rubric Pictures, to accomplish a virtual herbarium.

  1. You have a garden to maintain, to plant :
  2. The site invites you, in the page identification, to identify your trees with only one leaf. If it is a simple leaf, help you of this grid.
    The rubric advice gives you some advice.

  3. You like trees:
  4. French literary rubric offers you tales, legends, novels, poems, quotations around trees and forests. All texts · A text haphazardly.
    The rubric Arts and trees contains pictures, sculptures and any form of art representing or emphasising trees and forests: gallery of pictures · alphabetic list.
    Get a nice wallpaper with flowers, landscapes or pictures.

Have a nice visit.

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