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shapes and particular outlines:

Trees with fastigiate shape:
Pyramidal birch, Betula fastigiata
Fastigiate Charm, Carpinus fastigiata
Pyramidal cypress, Taxodium ascendens
Pyramidal Lawson False Cypress, Chamaecyparis lawsonia erecta
Pyramidal Beech, Fagus fastigiata
Pyramidal White Poplar, Populus pyramidalis
Pyramidal hybrid rowan, Sorbus crossed pyramidalis
Trees with weeping shape:
Weeping Hornbeam, Carpinus pendula
Weeping cedar of the Atlantic, Cedrus atlantica pendula
Japanese Cherry, Prunus subhirtella pendula
Weeping oak, Quercus robur pendula
Weeping Norway Spruce, Picea abies pendula
Nootka False cypress, Chamaecyparis nootkatensi pendula
Weeping ash, Fraxinus excelsior pendula
Weeping Beech (purple), Fagus sylvatica (purpurea) pendula
Weeping mulberry, Morus pendula
Tabular elm, Ulmus montana pendula
White Poplar, weeping trembles, Populus alba, tremula pendula
Pear tree with leaves of willow, Pyrus salicifolia
Weeping willow, Salix babylonica
Weeping sequoia, Sequoia pendulum
Japanese Pagodatree, Japanese Pagodatree pendula
Hemlock canadensis pendula
 Trees with pendulous branches:
Common birch, Betula pendula
Brewer spruce, Picea breweriana
Norway Spruce of the Himalayas, Picea smithiana
Redwood, Sequoia sempervirens,
Crimean Linden, Tilia euchlora
Trees with numerous trunks:
Hedge Maple, Acer campestre
Fullmoon Maples
Negundo maple, Acer negundo
Hazel, Corylus avellana
Silver Linden, Tilia tomentosa
Trees with tortuous shape:
Tortuous Beech or Fau de Verzy, Fagus sylvatica tortuosa
Tortuous Hazel, Corylus avellana contorta

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