shedding in flakes Barks (1/2)

Corsican pine, bark
Corsican pine
Pinus laricio
Dove tree, bark
Dove tree
Davidia involucrata
Scotch Pine, Scots Pine, bark
Scotch Pine, Scots Pine
Pinus sylvestris
Italian Alder, bark
Italian Alder
Alnus cordata
Cedar Of Lebanon, bark
Cedar Of Lebanon
Cedrus libani
Sycomore, bark
Acer pseudoplatanus
Evergreen oak, bark
Evergreen oak
Quercus ilex
Apple tree, bark
Apple tree
Malus pumila, Malus domestica
Silver Fir, bark
Silver Fir
Abies alba
Elder, bark
Sambucus nigra
Common Pear, bark
Common Pear
Pyrus communis
Wintersweet, bark
Chimonanthus praecox
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