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Cherry Plum, Myrobalan Plum, bark
Cherry Plum, Myrobalan Plum
Prunus cerasifera
Douglas Fir, bark
Douglas Fir
Pseudotsuga douglasii
Honey Locust, bark
Honey Locust
Gleditsia triacanthos
American Sweetgum, bark
American Sweetgum
Liquidambar styraciflua
Small-leaved Basswood, bark
Small-leaved Basswood
Tilia cordata
Western hemlock, bark
Western hemlock
Tsuga heterophylla
Ginkgo, Maidenhair Tree, bark
Ginkgo, Maidenhair Tree
Ginkgo biloba
Chinaberry, bark
Melia azedarach
Cappadocian Maple, bark
Cappadocian Maple
Acer cappadocium
White Mulberry, bark
White Mulberry
Morus alba
Spanish chestnut, bark
Spanish chestnut
Castanea sativa
Field Maple, Hedge Maple, bark
Field Maple, Hedge Maple
Acer campestre
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