The plant classification

The classification of vegetables is based on criteria of reproduction mainly.

Have they leaves?flowers?Genera
neither root, or stem, or leaves (Thalle) no leaf, not need of light
no flower, no fruit spores

Mushrooms, having been classified for a long time among vegetables, of which they share only few of distinctives (in this case immobility), they belong to the reign of Fungi or else funguses today.
Lichens The lichen is born in a narrow relation called symbiosis, between a mushroom or mycobiont and a seaweed or a phycobionte.

no leaf, but need of light
no flower, no fruitSeaweeds (125.000 species)
plants with leaves role of light : chlorophyll-leaf
 no flower, no fruit Foams (9500 species)
Ferns (11000 species)
1. Gymnospermes
seeds in an opened fruit
Conifers (550 species)

2. Angiosperms
2.2 dicotyledons
seeds in a closed fruit


ex : palms, banana tree
ex : cherry tree, linden

seeds have a sprout in the single cotyledon,
leaves have parallel ribs!,
the elements which compose the flower (petals, sepals, stamens) are by 3 or multiple of 3 (axial symmetry by 3 ),
the stem keeps the same diameter all life.
the seed contains a sprout in two cotyledons,
leaves are horizontal (in general), in the ramified veins and in both different faces,
the elements which compose the flower (petals, sepals, stamens) are in general by 4 or 5 or their multiple.
the stem grows in thickness as it matures.



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