Fir of Greece, Abies cephalonica

Conifer with persistent foliage, family Pinaceae (Cedar, Norway Spruce,
Larch, Pine, Silver Fir, Hemlock), genus Abies.

Abies alba = reddish-brown-green.
Abies cephalonica = cyan.
Abies cilicica = dark green.
Abies marocana = claret.
Abies nebrodensis = yellow.
Abies nordmanniana = purple.
Abies numidica = red.
Abies pinsapo = blue.
Origin : Greece.
Habitat: tree of light ('heliophilous"), the Fir of Greece tolerates the dry and hot sites. It makes the best of various soil types, including calcareous.
Height: 30 m tall.
Shape: broad of a pyramid, with long horizontal branches to grown-up subjects.
Dark grey, smooth bark, shedding in oblong flakes.
Persistent foliage; needles disposed in spiral, from 1,5 to 3,5 cm long. Dark bright green top, not or seldom fluted. White-greenish underside, with 6 or 7 short stomatal lines.
Cylindrical cones, brownish - red to purple, obtuse, somewhat resinous apex, 12 - 16 cm long on 4 cm broad.

Use : the Fir of Greece is a nice tree of ornament in parks and gardens

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