Lemon tree, Citrus limon

shrub of the family Rutaceae
(Sour Orange, Lemon tree, Eucommia, Korean Evodia, Mandarin tree, Orange tree, Amur Corktree, Hop Tree, Zanthoxylum).

Origin: the Citrus is native to China as the orange tree.
Habitat: tree preferring a sunny position, as other citrus fruit. Citrus does not appreciate the too calcareous soils. It doesn't resist well to cold. Also it is preferable to shelter it in a greenhouse ("orangerie") in tempered climates (in Paris for example). In these regions, the lemon tree there grows on full earth, or possibly sheltered from cold against a wall exposed Height: 6 m.
Shape: upright, seldom spread.
Right or numerous trunk.
Persistent foliage. The Citrus leaves are oblong, of 5-8 cm long and alternate. The top is dark green, glazed, clearer underside. They have no winged petiole (flat and broad) of the orange tree.
Flowers appearing in May-June, 5 petals of white colour with rose and very sweet-scented.
Fruits: in autumn, oval form, yellow colour, more or less thick skin. The pulp is yellow - pale and juicy.
Use: decorative and fruit shrub.
Reproduction: Citrus is generally multiplied by grafting.


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