Zanthoxylum simulans or piperitum

tree of the family Rutaceae
(Sour Orange, Lemon tree, Eucommia, Korean Evodia, Orange tree, Amur Corktree, Ptelea, Zanthoxylum).

Origin: Japan, China, Korea.
Height: 10 m tall.
Smooth, grey bark, covered with tips or with spectacular "warts" (click on the trunk). Stems carry flat prickles.
Shape: spread, short trunk.
Deciduous foliage: leaves alternate, of 20 cm long, composed of 5 to 11 leaflets, slightly toothed, the final leaflet bigger. They smell when they are crushed.
Pink flowers in summer, grouped in clusters.
Fruits: small pink berries, immediately after blossoming. Aromatic, they crack to liberate a black seed.
Use: seeds are anaesthetic.

Zanthoxylum ailanthoides, Zanthoxylum planispinum

Origin: East of Asia.

Leaves: alternate, imparipinnate, longer than at the previous (30 cm). The rachis of leaves is flattened and covered with sharp teeth.

Flowers yellow-green, in broad cymes, at the end of stems, at the end of the summer.


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