Camphor laurel, Cinnamomum camphora
tree of the family Lauraceae (Cinnamon, Laurel, Sassafras)

Origin: China, Japan and Taiwan.

Height: 20 m tall.
Trunk: the trunk of the Camphor laurel can attain 1 m of diameter.
Bark: rough.
Persistent leaves, alternate, entire, tough, devoid of stipule, ovate and ended in tip, light green and squalid on underside. They are pink on the young plant. Three very marked veins leaving the base characterise them. They contain, as well as the bark, the wood and roots, oleaginous substances.
The flowers of the Camphor laurel are yellow or green, symmetrical radiating. They are grouped in inflorescences; the elements of the calyx and of the corolla, disposed on two ranks, are alike.
The fruit of the Camphor laurel is a berry or a false drupe ovoid red-purple to black at full maturity.

Use: camphor is used in pharmacy for its exciting properties (the heart) and, at higher doses, sedative, and to prepare disinfectants, deodorants and insecticides.


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