Advice of the month April

    Your trees:

  1. Protect the bark of the trees of the bite of the rabbits with paper tapes, plastic muffs or a wire netting.
  2. Prove the stowing of your trees, adjust the diameter of necklaces to avoid the strangling of the trunk, and cram the earth at the foot of trees if it froze.
  3. Bring in the shrubbery at the foot of trees, shrubs or perennials organic matter: rotted manure, leaf mold, compost of your production (do not be deposit diseased leaves).
  4. In period frost free, you can prune trees with deciduous foliage. To know more about it, it is here.
  5. Think of watering conifers and shrubs with persistent foliage planted recently, especially after a period of cold dry, because their foliage sweats.
  6. In case of snowfall on evergreens, clear the snow of most bent branches which risk breaking.


  7. Remember to review your motorized equipment:: mower, chainsaw, sprayer ... and maintain your tools: grease, sharpen.

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