Advices to prune

Which tree should I prune, when and how to prune, and where should I prune?
Simply put, there are 3 categories of trees and shrubs for which the question of pruning arises:

  1. Shrubs: if it is an evergreen (cherry-red laurel, arborvitae for example), it is pruned in spring, a first time to give its form (especially if it is hedge) and then maintains, much like hair every 3 months (early summer, end of summer).
    The boxwood is pruned from its planting to make a form. For others, it is seldom necessary. The maintenance of shrubs is very easy. It is even possible to forget to prune them.
  2. the fruit trees: go to this page
  3. Other trees:
    Pruning avoids that they develop too much and allows to eliminate branches which threaten to fall. Two schools oppose, one advocating soft pruning, of strict necessary minimum, others, coming from practice and agricultural tradition (the tree must produce and for this purpose, it is compelled), more strict pruning accept. The best, for an individual, is to avoid planting bulky trees, as willows, plane trees or lindens. It is however possible to prune them (linden pruned to the right), because they grow easily, but the cut will be more or less traumatic (hence suckering).
    We use the period of dormancy of the tree: in winter.
    Conifers, except the hedge shrubs (which can become big), are not to be pruned, except local necessity (menacing branches, meeting with electric cords). The pruning is more delicate: it is not a matter to pollard them as lindens, for example, at the risk of giving them a strange form. If they lost their peak, it would be necessary to reorientate a branch close to the apex from above so that it springs back of the peak (easier to say that to make).
  4. Note finally that some trees must not be pruned: see the list here.
When to prune?
in March:

Prune severely the shrubs which decorate with flowers in summer (tamarisk, buddleia, quince tree of Japan, medlar of Japan, althea), it will guarantee an abundant blossoming next year. Of course, you lose the fruits of the year (finally, not all since you are not going to cut all flowers).

in April-May: prune your hedges a first time, which are in cherry laurel, or in arborvitaes and other evergreens. As soon as it will rain, they will grow back fast and you will take back your pruning-hedge in summer.
You will find here the complete calendar of the pruning of trees:

Jan · Feb. · march · in April · in May · in June · July. · in August · Sept. · in October. · in Nov. · Dec. ·

Practical Advices:

- As always, use clean tools to avoid transmitting diseases and whet well. At the need, clean blades in the alcohol.
- Take tar of Norway or healing mastic, which you will apply to the most important wounds.
- Prune systematically above a bud turned to the outside (to optimise the investment of the future branch).

other advice:

- planting
- pruning
- fruit trees
- maintenance
- ficus

Some particular advice:
orange tree
plane tree


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