19 trees to prune in March

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Kiwi TreeActinidia chinensisMarch
Bignonia grandifloraFeb.-March
Bignonia radicansFeb.-March
Common Box, BoxwoodBuxus sempervirensMarch-April-August
WintersweetChimonanthus praecoxFeb.-March
Sour OrangeCitrus aurantiumFeb.-March
Sweet OrangeCitrus sinensisFeb.-March
Japanese PersimmonDiospyros kakiMarch-April-Ma.
Persimmon EuropeDiospyros lotusMarch-April-Ma.
Crape myrtleLagerstroemia indicaMarch
PrivetLigustrum lucidumMarch-April-August
California PrivetLigustrum ovalifoliumMarch-April-August
Box HoneysuckleLonicera nitidaMarch-April-Sept.
Tall Oregon GrapeMahonia aquifoliumMarch-April
Luma MyrtleMyrtus lumaFeb.-March
OliveOlea europeaMarch-April
Apricot treePrunus armeniacaMarch-August-Sept.
PeachPrunus persicaFeb.-March-Jul.
PomegranatePunica granatumMarch-Oct.-Nov.

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