Advice of the month June

Attention, the first fine weather can hide very cold days. Frost kills the young trees.
Wait for the beginning of the spring for your plantations.
Enjoy the first flowers, take a sample of branches in buds of forsythias, cherry trees with flowers, Chaenomeles, witch hazels, redcurrant shrubs with flowers which you will put in vase, in light, to hasten their blossoming and to enjoy it at home.

Your shrubs :
  1. prune shrubs with summer blossoming (Buddleja, Hibiscus, Spirea etc).
  2. Your trees: if it is not already made, you can again prune catalpa, maples, mulberry, linden, plane tree to limit their development, only if it is necessary (tree planted too much near other ones or near fence or near home). To know more about it, it is here.
Fruit trees:

- make manure contributions.
- clean barks,
- apply winter treatments (Bordeaux mix),
- prune only the fruit trees with pips (Apple trees, Pear trees).
  1. If it is not already made, prove the stowing of your trees, adjust the diameter of necklaces to avoid the strangling of the trunk, and cram the earth at the foot of trees if it froze.
  2. Bring in the shrubbery at the foot of trees, shrubs or perennials organic matter: rotted manure, leaf mold, compost of your production (do not be deposit diseased leaves).
  3. In case of snowfall on evergreens, clear the snow of most bent branches which risk breaking.

  1. Remember to review your motorized equipment: mower, chainsaw, sprayer ... and maintain your tools: grease, sharpen.

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