Advice of the month July

  1. the spring comes. It will be the instant to plant trees, shrubs and rosebushes bought in bare roots, at least in the regions where the earth is not frozen.

Your shrubs:

  1. Prune shrubs with precocious blossoming (forsythias, quince trees of Japan). For shrubs with summer blossoming (spireas, hibiscus syriacus, perovskias, fuchsias), it is enough to pull down the longest branches.
  2. Bring in the shrubbery at the foot of trees, shrubs or perennials organic matter: rotted manure, leaf mold, compost of your production (do not be deposit diseased leaves).


  1. Remember to review your motorized equipment:: mower, chainsaw, sprayer ... and maintain your tools: grease, sharpen.

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