Advice of the month June

  1. Fruit trees:
    - Remove some redundant fruit so that those which stay are nicer.
    - Watch the attacks of aphids and of other insects and deal immediately if necessary.
    - Treat Peach tree against the Leaf Curl if your tree is attacked.
  2. Trees and shrubs:
    - Remove the faded flowers of your Rhododendrons and Azaleas.
    - Plant trees and shrubs in containers.
    - Prune shrubs having ended their spring blossoming (ex: Weigela, Lilac, seringa, Snowballs).
    - Prune a first time your hedges of cherry laurel or of arborvitaes and other evergreens. As soon as it will rain, they will grow fast and you will take back your size-hedge in summer.

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