Advice of the month July

the autumn stands out on the horizon, even if some nice days remind us of the summer. Nature gets ready to cross the winter.
  1. Fruit trees
    Once the leaves fall, collect and do not recycle into compost, because they may contain diseases.
    Enjoy this fall cleanup to plow the land at their feet.
    Prune apple trees, pear trees and other fruit trees with stone.

  2. Bushes
    It is a good period to plant shrubs
    Cut the faded flowers of shrubs with summer blossoming as buddlejas, altheas.
    Take a cutting from camellias, from azaleas, as well as honeysuckle, spireas shrubbies in spring blossoming, Common Smoke Tree, speedwells, eleagnus, buddlejas, deutzias, barberry, seringa, hydrangeas, weigelas …
    Think of feeding rhododendrons and azaleas, with the manure and of the peaty soil, and avoid watering them too much to encourage them to produce many buds for next year. Do not water leaves (this advice is applied with a majority of plants).

  3. Trees
    From the fall of leaves, pick up. You can stock them to make it of the compost with which you will enrich the soil. Trees "pump" the earth which it is necessary to bring back practically every year.

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