Advice of the month June

The autumn is now there. Wind or cold speed up the fall of leaves. In fact why do leaves fall? Explanation is on this page.
  1. Fruit trees
    Pick up leaves and do not recycle them in compost, because they may contain diseases.
    Continue turning and airing the earth in feet of trees. Bring back earth if needed.
    Prune apple trees, pear trees and other fruit trees with stone fruit: remove the dead branches and heal wounds with the aid of mastic or other adequate product.

  2. Bushes
    It is a good period to plant shrubs
    Look at temperatures and do not wait too long to protect shrubs sensitive to cold: either by taking them in under shelter, if they are in pot, or by enveloping their trunk with mulching and by covering the earth at their foot with barks bought in bags.
    Take a cutting from camellias, from azaleas, as well as honeysuckle, spireas, Common Smoke Tree, speedwells, eleagnus, buddlejas, deutzias, barberry, seringa, hydrangeas, weigelas.

  3. Trees
    It is the good season to plant most trees.
    Pick up leaves. You can stock them to make the compost with which you will enrich the soil. Trees "pump" the earth which it is necessary to bring back practically every year.

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