Advice of the month May

The autumn passed thereabouts. The dead leaves flew off, the last to be thrown being those of the japanese pagodatrees and ginkgoes. Trees entered hibernation mostly.
  1. Fruit trees
    End up picking up leaves and do not recycle them in compost, because they may contain diseases.
    Do not leave leaves died on place because they risk harming your lawn.
    Continue turning and airing the earth at the feet of trees, as long as it is still hot (above 0°C). Bring back earth if needed.
    Brush trunks and branches pervaded by foams and lichens.
    Eliminate the mummified fruits remained hung on trees. These are true shelters of diseases.
  2. Bushes
    It is a good period to plant shrubs with deciduous leaves.
    Multiply shrubs by cutting of dry wood.
    Look at temperatures and do not wait too long to protect shrubs sensitive to cold: either by taking them in under shelter, if they are in pot, or by enveloping their trunk with mulching and by covering the earth at their foot with barks bought in bags.
  3. Trees
    It is the best period (frost free) to set plants up with deciduous foliage delivered with bare roots. For conifers, wait for the spring, they start better in a warm earth (and light).
    Protect the bark of the trees of the bite of the rabbits and Cervidaes thanks to paper tapes, plastic muffs or of wire netting. End up picking up leaves. You can stock them to make the compost with which you will enrich the soil. Trees "pump" the earth which it is necessary to bring back practically every year.
    Finally, check the guying of trees so that they resist the wind.

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