Alangium, Alangium chinense

shrub of the family Alangiaceae

Etymology: "Alangium" comes from "Alangi", its name in language Malabar (India).
Origin: Tropical Africa, India, China, Polynesia.
Habitat: Alangium appreciates a well-drained soil, and appreciates a sunny position or of half shade.
Height: 3-8 m tall.
Shape: globose.
Right trunk.
Deciduous foliage in the tempered climates, but persistent in the tropical countries. Entire leaves, of 8-25 cm long, disposed alternate; the blade has asymmetrical, oval form, with small tips supervising lobes. The top is dark green, clear underside.
Small flowers, of 2 cm long, appearing in July-August. They are arranged in cyme and composed of 6-7 white petals.
Ovoid, black fruit.
Use: Alangium is used in China for its tonic and contraceptive properties.


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