Lacquer Tree, Rhus mollis

tree of the family Anacardiaceae
(Smoke tree or Cotinus, Peruvian Pepper tree, Mango tree, Pistachio, Sumac)

Etymology: its Latin name Rhus mollis comes to it from its Greek name, rhus, and from the Latin, mollis, "hairy", in reference to the shaggy stems.
Origin: tempered and tropical regions. Sumac suckers copiously within 5-6 m tall.
Species: there is a sumac of Asia, which produces the lacquer.
Height: shrub, multi-trunk (formed by several trunks), which suckers copiously.
Bark smooth grey with pustules.
Deciduous foliage. Long leaves (50 cm) composed of 11 to 31 toothed leaflets.
Red flowers (females) or yellowish (males) in panicles raised in the middle of the big leaves
Fruit roughly upright, hirsute cone, carmine.

Advices of planting:
The sumac suckers copiously. Avoid planting it near a house, near a garage, near a dividing wall or near a roadway. Cut suckerses tirelessly if you want to avoid the proliferation of this shrub.

Staghorn Sumac, Rhus typhina

Origin: North America, introduced to Europe in 1629.
Height: 12 m tall.
Lifespan: 50-100 years.
Yellow wood with tight rays.
Deciduous, very big leaves (60 cm), hirsute, imparipinnate, composed of 11 to 31 soft, oblong, very serrated and toothed leaflets. They turn to red in autumn. Stems softened, as the woods of the harts. Stems contain a white resin.
Green flowers, in June.
Red fruits, tight in ruffled crimson dense hair bunch, at the end of twig.

Varnished by Japan or Tree with lacquer, Rhus vernicifera

Origin: China, Japan.
Height: true achieving tree 30m.
Crown: in dome.
Leaf: imparipinnate, composed of 7 to 19 broad, oval leaflets. Apex long and acuminate. Cordate base with short petiolule. Smooth margin. Downy underside.
Flowers: in July, in panicles of 25 cm in the axil of stems. Colour white in yellowish.
Fruit: 0,8 cm drupe.
Use: its trunk produces a toxic resin, " Kiurushi ", the lacquer of which the Chineses drew.

Vinegar maker, Rhus coriaria

It resembles the previous one a lot but its leaves have less leaflets (9 - 15 leaflets) which are oval and less serrated, and the rachis is enlarged in the apex in narrow wings.
Height:shrub of 2-3 m tall.
Habitat: Mediterranean regions.

Most species are very toxic: Rhus coraria, Rhus typhina, Rhus toxicodendron, Rhus radicans and Rhus vernix.


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