Weigela either Weigelia or Wegelie, Weigela florida

Bush of the family Caprifoliaceae (Abelia, Viburnum, Kolkwitzia, Honeysuckle, Elder, Weigela).

Origin: Asia, Korea and north of China.
: Weigela appreciates sunny position or of half shade. It fears summer drought. It prefers a soil cool and well drained.
Hardiness: zone 6. Weigela is hardy (it supports cold until - 20 °C). It is better to protect it from predominant winds in winter to avoid the winterinjuries which distort its appearance.
Form: shrub, very ramified.
Maximum size: 2 - 2,50 m
: deciduous, opposite, simple, finely toothed. Of green colour. From 5 to 10 cm long.
: solitaries, in tubular corollas, campanulated (or in funnel), from 2 to 5 cm long; of red colour turning to purple. They appear from May till June.
Propagation: you can propagate by cuttings in August, it takes over very easily.
Use: the weigela is a nice shrub used in massif, in free hedges, because of its abundant blossoming.
Prune (maintenance): prune Weigela after its blossoming (in July).
Resistance to diseases: Weigela is known for its resistance to diseases and to insects.

Varieties: there are many
Weigela 'Avalanche'
Weigela 'Briant Rubidor
Weigela 'Bristol board Ruby'
Weigela 'Chameleon'
Weigela 'Carnival ': flowers can be white, pink or red, often three in the same bunch, hence its name.
Weigela 'Conquest'
Weigela ' Autumn colour'
Weigela ' Feline'
Weigela 'Kosteriana Variegata
Weigela 'Marjorie'
Weigela ' Red Dwarf'
Weigela ' Rubivif'
Weigela ' Snowflake'
Weigela florida ' Purpurea'
Weigela ' Variegata ' or 'variegated ' because of its variegated foliage green and creamy white. Its flowering is abundant and ranges from light pink to dark pink.


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