Quince tree
Apple tree of Cydon, Cydonia oblonga    

fruit tree of the Rosaceae family, subfamily Malaceae
(Hawthorn, Snowy Mespilus, Hawthorn, Quince tree, Medlar, Pear tree, Apple tree, Rowan).

This family is characterised by fleshy fruits, with skin and "calyx" (shriveled remains of the sepals, style and stamens), containing pips (which are seeds).
"quince tree" comes from the name of the Greek city Chania; its Latin name Cydonia oblonga comes from Cydon, city of Crete .
Origin: Middle East.
Habitat: the Quince tree does not tolerate limestones.
Hardiness: zone 6 (it supports cold until -23 °C or -9 °F).
Height: 6 m tall.

Deciduous foliage : leaves entire, oval, of 10 cm long, smooth margin, tomentose underside.
Flowers: in 5 petals insulated, turn to purple, in May.
Fruits: pome fruit (quince) very hard, 10 cm long, oblong (or pear shape), bumpy skin with yellow flesh fluffy and yellow, ripe in the fall.

Use: the quince is astringent, edible in jelly or in fruit paste. The Quince tree is often used as rootstock of the Pear tree.

Other species: the quince tree of China, Chaenomeles sinensis, has smaller leaves, provided with stipules. The fruit is also smaller. It is a decorative shrub:

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