Hydrangea, Hydrangea

Bush of the family Hydrangeaceae (Deutzia, Hydrangea)

Asia (from Nepal to Korea and in the islands of Indonesia) and North America (East Coast). Hydrangeas was introduced into Europe at the beginning of XVIIth century. There is a dozen of original imported species from which the horticulturists created many varieties.
Habitat: half-shade in sunny; acidic soil (peaty soil type) fit to them..
Height: 1,5 m in general (Hydrangea macrophylla) to 3-4 m for hundred varieties.
Deciduous foliage: opposite and simple leaves, in the form of court, up to 20 cm long on 15 cm broad.
Flowers: they come in form of big bowls, large from 20 to 30 cm, composed of dozens tiny, often sterile flowers, green, white, pink, red or purple colour. The most remarkable part of the flower is constituted by sepals, in general by four, sometimes three or 5. They equip the flowers of periphery. They can be merged with petals (like the Dogwoods of America). They are the same colour as the flower. Their color is sensitive to soil: an acid pH produces purple or blue colors, in species that are naturally red roses. It is said that adding in the land slate fragments makes the soil more acidic. White-flowered species are insensitive to soil pH. Flowering Period: June to September.
Fruit: brown colour capsule to black, persistent until spring.
Use: landscape shrubs, notably for its beautiful flowers in summer (when most flowering shrubs have lost their finery). The hydrangeas are a very good performance in dry bouquets.

Species Hydrangea macrophylla Hydrangea quercifolia Hydrangea aspera Hydrangea paniculata
Varieties Joseph Bund   strigosa White Moth
Origin coasts of Japan The East of the United States China, Japan  
Habitat half-shade, moisture half-shade half-shade, forest 1500-2300 m support sunny position
Leaves   lobbed, like Quercus palustris dark green, hirsute obovate
Flowers roses white purple white in panicles 30 cm long.

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- Hydrangea serrata Preziosa,
- Hydrangea aspera strigosa,
- Hydrangea macrophylla Geoffrey Bund,
- Hydrangea macrophylla Joseph Bank,
- Hydrangea macrophylla Mousmee,
- Hydrangea macrophylla nigra,
- Hydrangea paniculata White Moth,
- Hydrangea quercifolia.

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