Coast silk-tassel or Wavyleaf silk-tassel, Garrya elliptica

shrub of the family Garryaceae

Etymology: The name Garrya was given by its "inventor" David Douglas to honor Nicholas Garry, who was the secretary of the Society of Hudson Bay. This one addressed for years, the seeds of all its new discoveries to the Horticultural Society of London. Elliptica its specific name comes from the elliptical shape of the leaves. Origin: West of the United States.
Habitat: It prefers sunny positions and is not demanding in soil.
Shape: multi-furcate branching structure yielding an almost spherical form.
Rate of Growth: slow.
Height: 5 m
Persistent leaves, of 8 cm long, elliptical to obovate form, and curled. Tough, leathery feel, glossy green on top, but paler and duller on the underside. Smooth margin.
Flowers: catkins bending downward, grouped, appearing in winter.
Fruits: purplish black, of about one centimeter in diameter ; it has a hard desiccated coating, but is rather fleshy on the interior.
Use: shrub, insulated, rare in Europe, but common in North America.


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