Bladder senna, Colutea arborescens

shrub of the family Fabaceae - subfamily Papilionaceae
(Bladder senna, Laburnum, Locust tree, Japanese Pagodatree of Japan, Yellowwood)

Etymology: Bladder senna comes from Provençal word baganaudo, diverted from Latin baca, "berry".
Origin: Bladder senna is native to the Southern Europe.
Height: 4-6 m tall.
Grey-green smooth bark in brownish, hirsute.
Deciduous foliage. Leaves alternate compound (9-13 leaflets without petioles, ovate, notched at the apex).
Big, yellow flowers, streaked with reddish-brown, in clusters, in June-July.
Fruit: big translucent pod in the form of rubber skin from the end of blossoming (the first flowers mature before the appearance of the last flowers).
Use: Bladder senna is decorative garden shrub, because of strange fruits; the infusion of leaves has laxative properties.


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